Friday, 10 April 2009

Rotten Milk Found In The Fridge

Okay, confession time. You may have noticed that things have been awfully quiet around here of late, you may be angry, you may even be upset, but whoa, don't go rounding up the mob quite yet, I've been away and brought you all excuses for presents. So, after the last time I posted here, I had an insanely busy week and pretty much survived without sleep for some time while I toiled away, making sure I met real life deadlines. Here's the part where you may need some tissues. After this insane work load I took a break, visited some family, tried to catch up on some sleep and generally have a go at feeling human. During this break, I did skulk off to see my bit on the side, Frugal Gaming. As I'm sure I've already mentioned, I do a wee bit of writing for Frugal from time to time, some of it actually decent. Unfortunately I had to make a decision on where to share my limited free time, and I'm afraid I decided that my personal rant space would have to be neglected while I concentrated on getting some work done for them. Can you ever forgive me? I promise, I never meant to hurt you!

Anyway, as I hope you've noticed, the new Frugal Gaming site is up and running and generally looking pretty trendy. Tragically they've got a really nice bunch of people over their and I've even been suckered into a bit of forum trawling, something I haven't stooped down to for some years.

Hopefully we'll have things back on track over here relatively soon, but until then you'll find my writing over on Frugal Gaming, but just to tide you over, here's a couple of recent reviews I did for them, ciao darlings!

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